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The Rust Programming Language

A language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. I’m officially part of the operational semantics team tasked with owning, refining, documenting, and specifying the semantics of unsafe code. This is the team which is in charge of defining what exactly it means to run a Rust program.

In addition to that, I’m generally active in the forums for development of the language to discuss design of potential extensions to the language and/or standard library. I also do my best to give contribute to the ecosystem at large by the means of issues, pull requests, and discussion of common ecosystem libraries.

pest, The Elegant Parser

A general purpose declarative parser generator built in and for use from Rust, based on the formal class of Parsing Expression Grammars. While I’m not quite as involved in development anymore as I have been previously, I helped refine the bootstrapping build system and still assist in project management and direction.

The original developer of pest had to step away for personal reasons, so it fell to me to ensure that the project would not be fully abandoned and find people from the community to maintain the library. I like to think I’ve done a reasonable job.


A collection of abstractions focused on making working with raw pointers easier in Rust. Helps stretch the boundaries of what is accomplishable in safe Rust, including the use of custom variably-sized types not safely constructible in the base language and type-erased pointers without giving up the API safety of “fat” typed pointers at the interface of the implementation.